You can say yes.

Go on, try it.

Say yes. Rise to the occasion. Pick up the ball and run like the wind.

Know your worth. Ask for what you really want. In fact, demand it.

Confidently and with purpose. Sure it’ll feel weird. We’re women, and most of us are continually bombarded with subtle and overt messages (mostly from our inner critic) that tell us that we ought to do the exact opposite:

Lay low. Take the back seat. Put others first. Apologize, even when we don’t mean it.

But there’s just no time to waste, lost in that crummy little “what I ought to” world. We’re here to fulfill a purpose, every one of us.

You’ve got to discover that purpose and then muster the courage to stop your inner critic and boldly strut your way toward it with swag, intention and full-on I-dare-you-to-step-in-my-path confidence.

How can you do it?


That's right! Live In Purpose and Stop the Inner Critic.

girlFRIEND, put on your favorite shade of lipstick and speak life into your life...your business.

I’m Leslie Denman, a Certified Life Purpose Coach, and Empowerment Specialist. Most people call me The Purpose Diva.  And I’ll stand by you every step of the way as you find the purpose, passion and yes-it’s-absolutely-ok-to-cash-in prosperity that are uniquely you.

The world is waiting for it.

The world is waiting for you.

The only question is: Who are you waiting for?

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