It’s not about living life.

It’s about living life on purpose.

Just look at you. You’ve already made great strides. You have so much to be proud of. Maybe you just finished college (clink!), or successfully shipped your youngest off to college. Maybe you scrimped and saved and, at last, have launched that small business you cooked up in your mind years ago. And now, you’re scrambling to figure out just how to light that baby up. Maybe you know that, on paper, you’ve got that nearly perfect life. But, truthfully, it doesn’t feel so perfect. Maybe deep down inside you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, unfulfilled, stuck. What now? What are you truly here for? How can you create, build, become that woman you know you were meant to be?

Hi...I’m Leslie. 20160307_083702

Most people know me as The Purpose Diva.  I’m an author, Empowerment Speaker, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Licensed Minister, and huge Dallas Cowboys fan!, and I proudly help women (and girls) connect their hearts, faith and minds to achieve amazing things.  I help women live in purpose, on purpose and create prosperity  (cha-ching!) while living out what they were called to do. I'm not the high-profile "it girl" who throws together four-figure galas and disguises them as workshops or boot camps or blastoffs. In fact, I'm a former teen mom and breast cancer survivor who grew up putting others first, accepting what life doled out, and worried a whole lot about what other people thought of me. And it was really, really hard. And quite empty.

I’ve been there. I’ve been you.

I “get” where you are today. Can we be REAL about it...The confusion. The frustation. The lack of  clarity.  Feeling alone. Listening to the inner critic whisper ever so silently,

"BUT no one knows you."  

"No one will support you."

"You are not qualified".  

"You don't have that kind of money to invest."

"They have to approve and validate you first."

"You have to LOOK success first."

"Maybe someday." 

"No one is going to hire you."

Can I share this with you.  I got so sick of my Inner Critic, that I had to finally have a crucial conversation with her.  I would share some of our conversation BUT I will have to save that one for when we actually meet. (smile)

So when I say I get you, I mean it. And because I get you, I design my programs around you.  While I promise you will always  feel comfortable, inspired and relaxed in our coaching programs, you won’t feel broke. You won’t feel like you’ve landed in the middle of some super expensive carnival that’s more fluffy rah rah than “let’s have some fun and get right down to business.” This is about RESULTS. Pom-poms are not required. (Although we will absolutely cheerlead for you as you make those bold, courageous moves to Get to the Next!)

Girlfriend ...

You can overcome. You can transform. You can launch or expand your online business. You are absolutely allowed to birth that dream and make it known to everyone who gets to spend even five minutes with you ...  how amazing your IT truly is. You’re already beautiful, funny and amazing. Now let’s get you limbered up. Because it’s time to start strutting those stilettos straight at your God-given purpose.

Let’s make it happen.

Let’s make YOU happen.