“It is your God given right to discover your purpose and then prosper from that thing you’ve been called upon to do.”

                         - Leslie Denman, The Purpose Diva


LIPstic Lifestyle Principles

The principles that guide both my coaching practice and my life:

1      God created each of us for a specific reason.

2      Every dream is meant to be realized.

3      No one can go it alone. We need each other.

4      Hard work pays off.

5      We are here to serve one another and make our world a better place.

6      There is power in unity. There is power in community

7      You deserve to wake up everyday feeling connected, loved and appreciated.

8      Everyone has to start somewhere.

9      At least once in your life, you need an amazing life coach.

10   You can create money and prosperity without draining the pockets of those less fortunate.

11   Minority girls need to see more successful minority women entrepreneurs.

12   What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.

13   Every woman deserves to have affordable access to the tools and information that will allow her to launch and grow her dreams.

14   You should do at least one thing every day to move your dream forward.

15   The world is waiting for you to make bold, daring moves. The world is waiting for you to find and live your purpose.

16   You don’t have to wear a what-proper-girls-wear navy-blue suit to achieve big things. In fact, sometimes “successful” comes sashaying through the door wearing her best-fitting pair of jeans and those completely killer high heels she had to have.

17   You can be her.